Fireworks: worn

Step 1

Use the Rectangle Tool and draw a square shape on your canvas. Set the fill color to a dark color and set the stroke color to the same color as your canvas. I set my stroke and canvas color to “#FFFFFF”.

Step 2

Make sure that you rectangle is selected. In the properties inspector set the stroke options so that the Stroke Texture name is set to “Grain” and the Amount of texture is set to “100%”. (see screen shot below)

Click on the Stroke color swatch and set the Location of the stroke to “Inside Path”. (see screen shot below) Your object will now look like the image below.

Step 3

Now choose the Vector Path Tool , which is located behind the Pen Tool. Set the stroke options as seen in the screen shot below.

  • Set the Stroke color to “#FFFFFF”
  • Set the Tip size to “1”
  • Set the Stroke Category to “1-Pixel Soft”
  • Set the Texture name to “Grain”
  • Set the Amount of texture to “100%”

Now, start scribbling around the edges of your base object. You’ll notice that the edges of your object will start to look beat up and worn.

Your image can start to look like the example below.


After you have scribbled around for a while, you can start to change the opacity of the each of the paths that you have created. This will give a more faded, scratchy look. Download the source PNG to see how I set the opacity levels in my example image.

You can also use the Vector Path Tool in conjunction with the Shift key to make your lines perfectly straight. See the image below for an example.

Download the source PNG

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